Friday, September 28, 2007

Online Shopping

I always love a good sale... And anyone who knows me knows that I also love to shop. Now, ever since I had a baby it's a littl bit more difficult to shop like I used to. Since it's not as easy to bring along my little muchkin for all my shopping excursions, i've become accustomed to online shopping. I find so much shopping online and I don't have to go to like eight million stores. And i've found so many different things I would never have looked at...

For instance, while looking for baby clothes I came across so many brands that I never would have looked at. Such as Small Paul by Paul Frank, Flowers by Zoe, which is absolutely adorable, and Mish Mish.

I also found the cutest baby gifts also. Everything you need you can find online, like you didn't already know that... But really it's totally insane that you can find absolutely anything that you're looking for with the click of the mouse.

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