Monday, September 10, 2007

Consuming thoughts

So why is it that when you think everything is going right and you've moved beyond the past it always comes back. And when it does it consumes every thought you have until you move past it again...but what happens if you dont move on. When is enough enough.

The worst is whe you get in these moods when you can only think about that one thing... I picture myself looking like those women in the movies when they have so much on their mind and they are just sitting on the bar stools in a smokey bar with a drink thinking about how everything in their life got them to where they are... Is that a bad thing?

Sometimes I think it is a good time for reflection. Doing it over a few shots may not be the best, but hey, whatever gets it done...I'm in one of those modes tonight, but instead of sittin at the bar with a drink i'm blogging to get my thoughts out... and when i look back i'll be able to see where I was and where I am then. And hopefully it'll be a better place.

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