Monday, October 6, 2008

Shop Estella This Fall & They Will Donate Food To Needy Kids.

When hunger strikes, people who really care stand up to the cause. When emergency situations arise such as conflict, natural disasters, war, hunger, and long-term assistance, programs are in place for company's to become involved in. One of the tools that they employ in their fight against hunger is a product called Plumy'nut. Featured on CBS's 60 minutes and other prominent media, Plumpy'nut is a prepackaged, easy to administer peanut butter based concoction that helps severely malnourished children (6 months to 5 years old) recover from starvation. Estella-nyc. com on online retailer of, Designer baby clothes and, kids clothes, has partnered with the Action Against Hunger. During the Fall 2000 season, they will make and sell a plumpy'nut bracelet and donate all the profits to the purchase of plumpy'nuts. They would like to encourage people to join the fight against world hunger in general and specifically against childhood malnutrition. For more information on Action Against Hunger visit:

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