Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Totally awesome!!!

So I was just about to start typing and I see at the bottom that Blogger now auto saves your drafts. I think that's absolutely fabulous!!! I'm sitting here watching it, the bottom of my screen (I have a life I swear), and it automatically saves your posting every minute. How awesome is that?!!! Wonder what these computer guys will come up with next.

Anyways, so how random is it that a baby mirror in my car would land me a fantastic opportunity, career wise. I think, no, I know it's gonna be great!!! I'm so excited.

Well, I have a long night of studying ahead of me. I may need some espresso. I may need a lot of espresso. Starbucks would be absolutely fantastic right now. Starbucks has the best espresso. I may be a little biased since I used to work there (twice). But anywho...

I'm already tired, so not the business. Or as I learned on sunday... so no es el negocio. LOL. some guys at work were teaching me my famous quotes in spanish. I just put a little english twist on it. I can do that though, cuz I got it like that. LOL. Totally kidding.

Anyways, off to learn about sociology...

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